Murder & Attempted Murder

Zafar is regularly instructed to appear in murder and attempted murder cases. He has particular experience in cases with a racial or cultural element, including honour killings.

Recent cases include:-

R v May

Trial in which four men were accused of conspiracy to murder in a gangland 'revenge' shooting in Birmingham, where a sub-machine gun was used. After a six week trial, two defendants were convicted of murder. The jury were unable to reach a verdict against Mr. May, who pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of assisting an offender. 

 R v May link 1

R v May link 2

R v Joseph

Trial in which a trio were charged with the murder of a man in Enfield, London, in a drugs-related dispute. Mr Joseph was charged with murder but convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter after a four week trial. 

R v Joseph link 1

R v Joseph link 2

R v Al-Khatib
A case involving the murder of a Muslim woman by her husband. Zafar secured the only acquittal for the husband’s brother, who was also charged with murder. This case was featured in Episode 4 of the BBC documentary 'The Detectives: Murder on the Streets' which aired on 11th October 2017

BBC Documentary 'The Detectives' Episode 4

R v Al-Khatib Link 1

R v Al-Khatib Link 2

R v Archer

Trial in which a man was accused of murdering his sister by throwing petrol over her and setting her on fire. This case was featured in Episode 1 of the BBC documentary 'The Detectives: Murder on the Streets' which aired on 20 September 2017

BBC Documentary 'The Detectives' Episode 1

R v Archer Link 1

R v Archer Link 2

R v Archer Link 3

R v Chickerema

Trial in which a man was accused of murdering his wife in a supermarket car park.

R v Chickerema link 1

R v Chickerema link 2

R v Williams

Trial in which a man was accused of murder by stabbing a woman in a drug-related killing in Salford.

R v Williams Link 1

R v Williams Link 2

R v Williams Link 3 

R v Rashad
A two handed ‘contract killing’ case in which a Muslim cleric was accused of hiring a hit man to murder a fellow cleric.

R v Rashad Link 1

R v Rashad Link 2

R v Ahmadzai
A case involving seven men charged with murder following large-scale violence in Birmingham.
R v A Link 1

R v A Link 2

R v Kauser
A case in which a mother was charged with causing or allowing the death of a child when her toddler son was left in the custody of her boyfriend and later died from his injuries.

R v Kauser Link 1

R v Kauser Link 2

R v Nazar
An ‘honour-killing’ in which a Muslim husband stabbed his ‘westernised’ wife.
R v Nazar Link 1

R v Nazar Link 2

R v Nazar Link 3

R v Shafi and others
A nationally publicised conspiracy to murder in which five youths were accused of murdering an elderly shopkeeper. The case featured cut-throat defences and racially aggravating features:-
R v Shafi Link 1

R v Shafi Link 2

R v Nelson and another
A prison murder in which two cousins were accused of a drug-gang related murder in a prison cell:
R v Nelson Link 1

R v Nelson Link 2

R v Nelson Link 3

R v Hanif and others
A six-handed conspiracy in which members of a conservative Muslim family plotted to murder the fiancée of the daughter in an attempted ‘honour killing’. Involved undercover police officer posing as a hit-man being approached by the defendants to carry out the killing.

Majid v R
Appeal against conviction for attempted murder in a drive-by shooting, possession of a firearm with intent to endager life, and perverting the course of justice.The appeallant had been absent from and unrepresented at trial. Instructed as appeal counsel.

R v Barratt
Manslaughter arising from fight outside a nightclub. The defendant was a juvenile.

R v Cartledge
Manslaughter involving child witnesses and the issue of causation as to whether the trauma suffered by the deceased during an altercation triggered the heart attack he subsequently died of.

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