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Mr. E, London

“I came to Zafar for an advice on appeal after my trial counsel told me I didn’t have a chance. I’d always felt I’d been wrongly convicted, and was grateful when Zafar told me I could appeal. I’m so glad I didn’t just go with the first advice I received.”

Mrs. L, Birmingham

“Thank you Zafar – I’m so relieved I was acquitted. It was so stressful being charged and then tried, but you were with me every step of the way.” 

Dr. K, Guildford

“I was prosecuted for a motoring offence which, though relatively minor, threatened serious consequences for my career and in particular for future recruitment to jobs in the event of a conviction. Mr Ali provided outstanding and highly professional representation, researching the case thoroughly and recruiting all possible resources for the defence that, to my great relief, led to a successful outcome for me. I remain very grateful to him, and would highly recommend his services to anyone facing similar difficulties.”

Instructing Solicitor, London

“Zafar possesses outstanding intellectual ability which is applied accurately to identify the essential issues in any case. These qualities equip and characterise him as a leader.” 

Instructing Solicitor, Manchester

“Zafar is an extremely focused practitioner whose analytical skills are exemplary. As a tactician, he quickly identifies the key issues of a case and concentrates only on relevant arguments rather than taking every possible point.” 

Mr. R, Dubai

“Zafar is able to explain the issues in a complex commercial dispute in a clear and concise way. He gets to the heart of a case with ease and skill”

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