Other Offences

Zafar is often instructed privately via direct access to appear for those charged with minor offences. 

For those who have never faced the criminal justice system, the potential impact upon their lives and careers of receiving a criminal record is such that they want to have the very best representation. 

From minor issues in magistrates courts (driving matters, criminal damage, assaults, affray etc) to regulatory and civil work such as tax matters, local council complaints, no case is too small.

Recent cases include:

R v Mr. G, Oxford

Mr G was charged with Sexual Assault against his wife. The couple were going through an acrimonious divorce at the time of the alleged offence. Zafar represented Mr G at trial and he was found Not Guilty unanimously by the Oxford jury. 

R v Mr. McG, Bournemouth

Mr McG faced a lengthy prison sentence for an offence of fraud to which he had pleaded guilty. Zafar was instructed to represent Mr McG for his sentencing hearing and the case was disposed of by way of a fine and community penalty. Mr McG was delighted with the outcome and avoided a prison sentence.

R v Dr. K, Oxford

Dr A was charged with Dangerous Driving. If convicted, Dr A's career as would have been seriously affected. Zafar secured a 'not guilty' outcome at trial and costs paid by the prosecution. 

Mr. B, Canterbury

A successful businessman, Mr B, was charged with Affray. Again, had he been convicted this would have had serious implications for his professional life. Zafar successfully negotiated with the prosecution prior to trial, presenting them with evidence to show they had little or no chance of a successful conviction. All charges were dropped against Mr. B.

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