Drug Importation, Supply & Conspiracies

Zafar has extensive experience defending major drug conspiracy, importation and supply cases.

Recent cases include:-

R v Khan
Multi-handed conspiracy involving the importation of heroin disguised as baby powder.
R v Khan Link 1

R v Khan Link 2

R v Hussain and others
Multi-handed allegation of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.

R v Fox and others
6-handed conspiracy to import Cocaine. The case involved a sophisticated international drug-smuggling operation utilising car fuel tanks. Multi-jurisdictional disclosure issues arose and the case reportedly involved the first ever extradition of a co-defendant from Brazil.
R v Fox Link 1

R v Bailey and others
Multi-handed Class A drugs conspiracy involving the widespread distribution of narcotics and a sophisticated network brought down by covert surveillance and undercover officers.

R v Potthoff and others
A nine-handed conspiracy to supply Class A drugs namely Ecstasy tablets on a nationwide scale. Much of the evidence came from covert and intrusive surveillance. The defendant was a Dutch national suspected of importing Ecstasy tablets from Holland and/or exporting cash back to Holland. The case involved police informants and Public Interest Immunity issues.

R v Revill and others
Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs – a large multi-handed case with the defendants alleged to be supplying and introducing large amounts of heroin to the Norfolk/Suffolk area. The case involved intrusive surveillance and Public Interest Immunity issues.

R v Walker and others
Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs, namely cocaine. This case involved a participating informant, intrusive and directed surveillance, and issues of Public Interest Immunity.

R v Hussain and others
Conspiracy to supply heroin. This was an application to vacate plea. The defendant was a young man with a low IQ and a poor grasp of English. There was an allegation that he had been pressurized by his previous Counsel to enter a Guilty plea. A very sensitive case that necessitated lengthy cross-examination of previous Counsel.

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